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Portos - Mahogany



Portos, made from solid wood mahogany, will enhance any interior with its organic burnt sienna shade and natural wood texture.  Open up your space and accentuate it with this signature item.

Product Details: 
Collection: Perigold
Carton Weight: 45 lbs.
Sq Ft per Carton: 24.27 sq. ft.
Wood Species: Acacia
Plank Width: 4-1/3" Width
Plank Length: Random Length 1' to 4'
Plank Thickness: 5/8" 
Milling: Tongue and Groove
Finish:  Aluminum Oxide 7 Coats
Residential Warranty: 35 Yr Structural
Variation Disclaimer:

Hardwood is a natural material that responds organically to other natural elements. While our color tones start out uniform the aging process begins immediately upon unpacking, with tones varying from plank to plank and room to room depending upon exposure to natural and ambient lighting as well as the environment itself, including relative humidity and airflow. This process is as natural as hardwood itself. We invite you to embrace the “perfection of imperfection” that only adds to the innate beauty and authentic character of natural hardwood flooring. Just as in nature itself, your new wood is doing what it was made to do!